Be safe, and Have A Hassle Free Trip, to Europe

Be safe, and Have A Hassle Free Trip, to Europe

Europe is now the hot spot for tourists and thousands of people travel to Europe, every day to get a glimpse of its amazing sights, culture and cuisine. The thought of travelling is very exciting, but it is important to research, about the place well, before you embark on the journey.

With a number of articles on the internet, travel tips and advice pertaining to a Country is abundant. The modus operandi of thieves and pickpocketer’s would be different from Country to Country. Hence when you travel be safe, and ensure that you have a hassle free trip. Here are some tips for an enjoyable trip to the Europe.



This is quite common in Europe, and tourists are targeted. The main areas where travelers are beleaguered are in crowded places, mainly while travelling on the metro and local buses. If you happen to stop and enjoy some street performance, be wary of your belongings. Many an expert pickpocketers would be on the prowl, and you would not even realize when, your valuables are stolen.

It is best not to wear jewelry and carry eye-catching phones such as I phones. Individuals on cycles, are knows for snatching phones from pedestrians on calls or scrolling, through messages.

Secret pockets for cash and documents

When you are organizing clothes for the trip, it is better to alter a few clothes and attach a pocket, to your dress and this should be concealed. When you are travelling, you can put in the cash in these secret pockets and this would be invisible to an outsider. Always keep the cash separately from other documents

Ensure you do not leave your travel documents; such as passports in the hotel, keep it with you at all times. Always keep a soft copy of your passport, and visa pages in your personal mail. In the unfortunate occurrence, your documents are stolen; you can get hands on the documents and have the needed documentation. While travelling on the flight, ensure that you do not keep cash or valuables such as cameras in the check -in baggage, and always separate the cash and keep in different compartments.

Protest Marches

Some Countries in the Europe such as Greece and Turkey, have a lot of protest Marches in the recent past. When you are in a foreign Country, it is imperative to watch the news and be aware of the situation in the Country. If there are marches or strikes, it is best to keep away from them, and stay within the hotels, even if you have to lose a day of sightseeing.

Avoid loitering in the night

When in a new environment, it’s best not to party too late.

Tourists can easily be spotted, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you see a group of young people walking up to you, holding files, and asking for your autograph for a cause, it’s best to walk away immediately. This is their tactic, to distract you and walk away with your valuables.

Pulau Samalona Makassar is a very friendly tourist destination, but there are always some baddies who can ruin your vacation. Stick with your family or group, and try not to attract too much attention.