A Quick Guide to Cheap Holidays in Hurghada

A Quick Guide to Cheap Holidays in Hurghada

Hurghada is the second largest city in Egypt and a popular beach resort and tourist destination. Located on the coast of Egypt’s famous Red Sea, it has a year round temperate climate and is surrounded by beautiful long stretches of beaches. Cheap holidays in Hurghada are perfect for those wanting to experience a relaxing getaway in a great climate in one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations.

There is a full range of hotels to stay in for all tourists, from 5 star world class hotels to hostels. For those on a budget, there are plenty of 1 – 2 star hotels to choose from which are great value for money. For as little as 5 dollars per night, you can stay in modest facilities right in the heart of Hurghada. If you would like to treat yourself to something a little more upmarket, 3 – 4 star hotels are also plentiful. Here you will find all the basic facilities needed, and most will have a pool and perhaps a gym as well. For those who are treating themselves to a luxury holiday, high class five star hotels, such as the Hilton Hotel, are also available and equipped with a full range of facilities.

Many of these hotels are located right on the shore line of the Red Sea, known for its spectacular world class diving and snorkeling sites. At Hurghada’s international aquatic centre, fans of water sports can experience a wide range of swimming, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, boating, windsurfing and sailing activities. Particularly popular are glass bottom boats, where tourists can see the wide variety of beautiful native fish and corals in the clear waters. For tourists interested in the marine life in the Red Sea, the Marine Biology Museum is a great place for in depth information on the underwater life and history in the Red Sea.

Other popular activities include camel riding, safaris and even quad biking in the Sahara desert. With such a wide range of activities, cheap holidays in Hurghada are ideal both for tourists who enjoy experiencing new adventures, as well as for those who would simply like to enjoy a relaxing stress free break sunbathing on beautiful warm beaches.

Additionally, Hurghada boasts a thriving shopping district and an active nightlife full of trendy bars, clubs and restaurants, with a wide variety of food and drink to experience.

Hurghada is also home to several festivals throughout the year. The Hurghada International Festival, for example, is an annual sporting event held annually in February, usually around the 4th to 15th, where participants can compete in running, swimming, and cycling competitions. Other festivals celebrating Egyptian culture and traditions include the Abu Simbel Festival in February, which is celebrated on site Pantai Ngobaran and Egyptian King Abu Simbel who celebrates it; Shem al Nessim (Coptic Easter) in April, celebrating Easter and the first day of spring; and the South Sinai Camel Festival in May, which celebrates Egypt’s national animal and offers people the opportunity to participate in camel racing.