How To Prepare For A Long Trip Away From Home

How To Prepare For A Long Trip Away From Home

Maybe your boss is sending you overseas for three months, or you’ve finally saved enough to take that month-long cruise across the Mediterranean. Whatever the reason for your extended trip, make sure you’re prepared for every possible issue.

While a long trip isn’t quite the same as a permanent move, it takes a lot more planning than a week-long getaway. Also, the longer your stay and the further your travels, the more prepared you need to be. Before embarking on your adventure, make sure all your affairs are in order by following these tips.

Let Everyone Know You’re Traveling

A long trip or vacation is the kind of thing you’d let people know about. Friends and family just want to know where you are, but certain businesses and government agencies need to know, so have a plan for notifying them.

Start by giving your loved ones an address and phone number where they can reach you in case of emergencies. Also, have the post office hold or forward your mail, apply for the necessary visas, and make travel and accommodation arrangements in your new temporary home. The more advance notice you give, the smoother the transition.

However, as much as you want to tell the world about your vacation, be very careful what you post to social networks! If you announce the vacation, either as a status, tweet, or with the pictures you post publicly, you could be inviting criminals to steal unguarded electronics and other valuables from your empty home!

Manage Your Finances

You probably won’t need to shell out for patent translation services during your trip, but other bills can’t wait for you to return. Keep the lights (and everything else) on by getting all your finances in order.

Thanks to electronic banking, it’s easy to set up automatic bill payments, get direct deposits, and do money transfer when traveling. When that isn’t an option, however, make other plans Viral Host. Bring a credit card and travelers’ checks for large purchases, and make sure you’re near an ATM that takes your bank card. You’ll be able to get what you need in your new home without ignoring the old.

Keep Your Permanent Home Safe and Sound

As you get ready to spend the next few weeks or months away from home, you need to make sure your home and possessions are safe from theft or damage. One week from home needs certain precautions – longer times need much more.

As you stop newspaper delivery and cancel or hold your mail, think about what you really need to keep going. It won’t be much. Shut off the water to prevent potential floods or water damage, and shut off the power or appliances to lower your electricity bills. Set lights to go on or off automatically, or have someone come over every few days to keep intruders away.

Traveling for long periods can be fun and exciting, but only as long as everything goes according to plan. Before hopping on the plane, make sure you’ve taken care of all the big and little things necessary for safe and relaxing travel.