Horse Riding In Norfolk

Horse Riding In Norfolk

When traveling to England, one of the best places to stop by is Norfolk. It’s a great place for horses and horse riders. It boasts of a vast beautiful land with an array of fascinating landscapes that allow horse riders to get the real experience of horse riding. One of the many advantages of Norfolk is that it has a very favorable climate for both horses and humans. Norfolk is home to different breeds of horses which is why it is often referred to as the horse heaven of England.

Norfolk offers good training grounds for both novice and professional horse riders to improve their skills. Training is offered in a variety of approved horse riding schools such as the Blackborough End Equestrian Centre, Eden Meadows Riding Centre, Pined Lodge School of Classical Equitation, Waveney Valley Holiday Park, and the Manor Farm Riding School. At the training schools, people are not only trained how to ride horses, but also how to feed and take care of them.

Apart from having a favorable climate and outstanding horse riding schools, Norfolk also has excellent horse riding routes where people can enjoy horse riding after gaining good horse riding skills. Some of the best horse riding routes include:

1. Marriott’s Way

This 26-mile off-road route is very suitable for beginners. It passes through beautiful countryside with admirable picture spots. The winding route follows the non-functional railway that connects the small market tows of Aylsham and Reephan with Norwich. While riding along the route, you can get a chance to see beautiful wildlife including hares, kestrels, and otters. The old churches and artistic buildings also define the route’s beauty in a special way.

2. The Peddars way

The peddars Way is an old 63-mile route that starts from Knettishall and ends at North Norfolk coast. The route passes through big farms located in very collusive environments. It route meanders gracefully as it passes along the ancient Roman road and heading toward the old Icknield Way and ending close to the Thetford forest.

3. Thetford Forest Route

The Thetford Forest Route is one of the longest and most impressive routes found in Norfolk, measuring about 65 miles in length. The route is surrounded by indigenous trees and plants and offers spectacular views of flora and fauna as it minders across the vast forest. There are also good relaxation points where you and your horse can take a rest whenever you feel tired. Hotel Makassar

4. Brooke/Saxlingham Route

This is also one of the most impressive Norfolk bridle routes. The is circular route covers about 11 miles and is waymarked for easy navigation. It passes between the South Norfolk parishes of Saxlingham, penetrating small villages and woods and ends at Saxlingham. Along the way, you can see the ancient pastoral farms of the English people.

5. Massingham Route

The Massingham Route is about 15 miles long and offers a good off-road track. It passes through the villages of Great and Little Massingham, not far away from Peddars Way. It then joins a small road leading to Gayton Thorpe. Instead of heading straight, you can branch through the plantations of conifers, a habitat for Grey Squirrels. One of the wonderful attractions found along this route is the Great Bircham.